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"Quality is never an accident, It is the result of hardwork & determination."

Hom Mica is all geared-up to storm the High Pressure Laminates Market. Not overlooking the Indian consumerís preference for style and look, we would introduce the range in a wide array of captivating and contemporary surface designs and colors. Hom Mica would be available in size options of 2440 X 1220 mm and 2820 X1300 mm (L X B) and 1 mm to 16 mm in thickness to give a batter after-fit finish. We have built a reputation for delivering high-end products to our customers. Hom Mica Laminates is dedicated to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction by continuously improving product range to deliver high value to customers.


Spread over 135000 sq.ft. in shapar, in Rajkot District, this plant boasts of several unmatched features like:
  • A massive project costing Rs. 150 million.
  • With a huge production capacity of 9,000 sq meters per day.
  • Plant is design as such the second production line can be installed within very few days without disturbing in regular production..
  • A unique design of the resin plant to produced the consistence quality resin Phenolic Resin plant capacity of 5 tones per 5 hours batch.
  • Craft Dryer capacity of 45 mtrs per minute, design dryer capacity 15 mtrs per minute., Automatic TCPV system at the dryer for the uniform drying of the paper throught.
  • The 12 daylight hydraulic press with 8 hydraulic cylinder, enabling uniform hydraulic pressure, better bonding, higher strength and zero warping, resulting the perfect Laminated sheet.
  • Duel sending process at the back side for the sheet to achieve defect free bonding with the base equipped with Stand by power plant in case of power failure from mains.
  • Kraft & Base Paper:
    Absorbent Krafts manufactured from selected wood pulp are used to achieve the best quality of the sheets. To achieve the consistence Color, printing, thickness and eye catching design we select the base paper from the world best base paper manufacturing companies.
  • Free From Forign Particle:
    Dust free infrastructure of the plant and extra care while production makes zero defective sheets.
  • Consistent / Uniform Color & Finish:
    Compared to natural Wood and other over lay furnishing material options, HOM MICA Laminates decorates your furniture with consistent Finish & Color giving maximum uniformity to your dream House, Building, & Office.
  • Ever-Lasting Color:
    Unlike Veneer & Liquor paints, which turns yellowish over time, HOM MICA Laminates exhibits nil discoloration.
  • Zero Warping & Air Bubbles:
    This feature makes the HOM MICA Laminates easy to bonding with the base surface which makes HOM MICA Laminates a superior product.
  • Melamine resin on base paper & over lay tissue acts as a wear proof surface to the normal wear & tear forces. It also gives a scratch proof surface to the Laminates. Some special additives added to the phenolic resin during the resin formation process at particular temperature to increase the flexibility of the sheets.
  • Resistant to Impact & Cracking:
    Each and every sheets manufactured and tested to achieve property of resistance to impact and resistance to cracking as per IS and international standards.